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we're trying to put together some data (for everyone's benefit) on the state of the sport. we could use your help on letting us know how your race(s) have been doing in terms of unique racer #s (unique racers who attended your event), and if a series, racer days (# of people x # of races they've attended).

also, have you seen a proliferation of races in your area that may have spread the racers out more? the bay area seems to have so many race options this year, but not sure how that's impacted the overall # of racers.

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Whats a unique number? Not using the same number twice on the same day? Who is insane enough to do that..

We use the same number for one racer on both days. Sign in once, keep number till tomorrow. Sign in on day two. We still ahve guys that much it up.

SOMETIMES we use #'s 1-100 for elite men and women. Then we swap colors.. red boys blue girls etc etc. It's just nice when you have both national champs, or world champs, etc , on the line to give them a "1" instead of liek 239.

hey there - sorry, it was unclear. unique racer #s are # of unique people who raced at your event. not bib #s.

do you know how many unique folks you got this year? how does that compare to the year before?
I would be happy to chime in, but first would like to know where the data is headed. Will you publish it? What is your purpose in compiling this info?
two uses - an article - and for our own media kit to potential advertisers and industry folk to show growth (they've been asking). prob. will be shown in aggregate form, let us know if there's anything that should be private.
From our website

2003 - 5 races (can't find the link! Help Alec!)
2004 - 5 races in series with 568 unique competitors
2005 - 4 races in series + GP Natwick UCI - 512 unique racers in 4 race series
2006 - 5 races in sries - 697 unique competitors
2007 - 5 races in series - 824 unique competitors
2008 - 5 races in series - 4 completed with 872 unique competitors and finale this weekend.

Our biggest growth fields from '07 to '08

"B" and "C" Men, "B" Masters Categories 35 and 45 and Single Speed, a culture that will probably require a class split next year. Our Elites and Women's fields about the same as last year.

Tom S.


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