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Just curious if anyone else is already planning and scheming for next season?  New frame on the way?  Waiting for those fancy carbon wheels to go on sale?  I'm sure there are plenty of hopes and dreams out there.

So what's it going to be?

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Ritchey carbon tubulars with TUFO Flexus Primus tires (first time using tubular tires too!), AplhaQ CX-20 fork, FSA SL-K light cranks w/ cross-specific chainrings, replacing generic carbon stem/seatpost with nice Thomson bits.
I run the SLK's, They have been good but the BB kinda sucks....(special size)
Living the dream brother. :)
I bought a used Blue Norcross from a local pro, sniped deep carbon tubular rims off Ebay, bought a refurb Dugast Typoon for the front and a discounted Grifo XS for the back. I'll transfer components (TRP, Rival, 1x10, etc.) from the old frame to the new frame. Silly light, especially for a slow poke....but CX is my only hobby and scheming budget rigs is part of the fun right?
I've used my new Reynolds Solitude wheels (an upgrade for me) in two point-to-point races already - my gosh, what a difference lighter wheels can make!
Let's see... got the uber-budget bike together, just bought an old Airborne Carpe Diem w/new CF fork for a song and am thinking about putting *that* one together but might resell it, or build it up single speed, or scour for crazy-light parts
yeah! carpe diem! i have one of those around. the v2 ti is a decent frame actually, except for the mtb chainstays. got a pic? what size?

the company is back yet again - saw them at sea otter. but totally different.
Will have a pic in a bit - at the shop now as the barrel adjusters have seized up/corroded and the shop has it to drill/retap. Will post pics as soon as I get her back.

It's the Aluminum frame, so not as cool as the Ti. It's a 60cm. I can't find *anything* on the alum `inum model so no idea about it, how it compares to the ti model, if there's reliability issues, etc. All I've found is overall the Carpe Diems have a somewhat high BB. The fork, however, is a cf model that came off of a new ALAN frame. Not sure who ALAN gets them from, but can't be too bad.

Yeah, I needed another bike like a fish needs a bicycle -- whoa, fish need bikes?
Whenever my wife asks me how many bikes I need I always have the same answer....

Just one more!
Yeah! Hmm... maybe I'll build it up as a SS.... ideas, ideas...
hmm. high bb? mine is pretty low - i gotta measure it again but it makes sense since it was dual duty cx and touring, and those tourists like things low and stable. the chainstays on mine are clearly from their mtb frames, and are even crimped in the wrong spots for fat mtb tires, but it still works. i got it as a barter anyway and surprised how much use it still gets.

cool, have fun with it. i forgot they made alum frames. i remember that's what flyte did.
If it's a low BB, game on!

I tossed some wheels in there just to see how it all lined up, and it should be pretty cool. Plenty of clearance for monster cross tires. As for MTB chainstays, you should see my Mongoose Croix. Those chainstays are square tubing! Where it flares out for the hub is about midway and you can definitely get heal-strike if you like a low-q crank. For me, it's good. The Airborne will be a nice addition.

If yours still gets a fair amount of use, it can't be all bad. Thanks, I'm encouraged about it.
I took advantage of a bike shop employee discount (through my wife) and got a Stevens Carbon Cyclocross frame/fork. Built it up with SRAM Rival and Force. I managed to get a good deal on some Vittoria 290 TPI tubulars, but now need to buy or build some wheels to go with them.


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