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Does anyone have experience or opinions on the Vassago Fisticuff?

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hey there. that's pretty funny - look what the CXM crew literally just built up a few hours ago! you'll have to wait a while - it's going to be in Issue 10 (with some other monster 'cross stuff).

how do you plan to use it? we can offer a few initial impressions/observations but so far it's only been around the block.

we like the brown! the lucky tester is sasha.
cool, i am hoping to use it for some local cross races, maybe hit up some trails as well. i will be interested to hear your thoughts on it. i dont need a hard core super expensive cross bike, i am just having fun with it and i dont want a mainstream bike that everyone has which is why this bike interests me.
We'll try to get some initial impressions up soon (Andrew, can we do that?)

Keep in mind that Vassago only sells this bike as a frame and fork, so you'd have to add your own parts.
sounds great, thanks. i know i would have to get the rest and thats fine. interested to hear how you like it.
What size is the fisticuff pictured here?
I haven't had a chance to really kit it out in cross-race mode, rather than mountain bike-race mode, but my first impressions are that if your primary use for the bike will be cross racing with a side of trails, this probably isn't the bike for you. It is, I think, raceable, but it's pretty clearly not designed for that, even as much as a lower-end model from a bigger manufacturer is.

On the other hand, if your primary purpose is to do 80-mile mixed-terrain rambles, and do only a race or two a year, you ought to seriously consider this bike.

The Fisty is a really interesting bike, and I'm looking forward to spending more time on it. But you'll have to read the magazine to find out more!
Thanks for the input, I think I am going with the santa cruz stigmata


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