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Anyone have experience with the Velox tubular tape using the Belgium glue method? Is this the same tape that cyclocrossworld sells? Thanks

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I use jantex, havent tried velox.
I am fairly sure it is the same stuff. The local mechanics bought a bunch of belgian tape and the boxes I saw were all labeled Velox.

2012 update for those wondering:  Velox and Jantex are the same.  Google it and you will see a box that says Jantex on top and Velox on the bottom.  I believe that Stu Thorne works for, or with, CX World, and he imports the product under his label, Thorne.  It is the same stuff.  

Velox is the brand, Jantex is the type/model.  That is not the same as what stu thorne sells, which is not labelled with either of those monikers.  See the discussion here:

I have experience gluing up wheels using both.  I didn't have any problems with rolling tires with the velox stuff after racing it for a full season, but thorne's was noticeably different.  It is much thinner and kind of melts away into the glue.  I think the big difference is just that the Velox stuff uses a thicker weave.

With that said, I'm interested to know if anyone has used the recently added and generically labelled "CX Tubular Tape" stocked by QBP.  Not the Velox, which they also sell.  Is that one the same as Thornes?

As others have said - it's the same stuff. I bought one of the kits from CX world and taped/glued some Clement PDX's up last month with great success. Last week I ran 22 psi in a preseason CX race that was flat and grassy with lots of shap turns and some nice off camber sections without a single problem (unless you count the occasional botched remount).

I'm actually more worried about removing the tires at the end of the season then them rolling off mid season.

The CX brand is new.  I discussed with, and he prefers it to the Velox.  Someone needs to get Stu to chime in and set the record straight.  



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