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Vittoria XM tubular

Ok here it goes, I have two sets of cross tubys Nuevation C50 with vittoria XG for drier days which are killer I love them and they are very fast but I don’t want to run them on muddy days to save the carbon rims.

So I had a muddy day wheels set build up AC hubs with mavic reflex rims and I put Vittoria XM mud tires on them and off we go.

I have two good mudder on them now and both races had had some dry gravel road sections so whatever tire you picked at some point you wanted the other tire/wheels set up, but not me the XM’s rolled fine on all the hard surfaces and I did not feel like I was lousing any time with them!

I think the best thing about these tires is that you can take any line you want and they seen to track and dig in very well, I would try different lines from lap to lap and they seemed to do very well in the deep mud in the middle of the course and all the way to the sides, which is nice when you need to pass someone!

Side bit is very good and I almost ran over many riders that went down in front from of me when their front wheel slid out. One thing I have found is that they go very straight when you drop in to deep mud hole and in to those long tire lines in thick mud, I have seen many riders ride in and take a hard left or right and stack but the XM’s just go straight through!

It’s a super easy tire to glue I used mastic one and tape and it was no prob and with the tape they are on there! it’s a super supple tire 320tpi and feels and rolls really nice and fills you with confidence on those muddy day.


thats me with the yellow and black skinsuite

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I realize it's been a while since you posted your review but thanks for it nonetheless.  On a related matter, how did the Neurvation C50 tubular wheels serve you?  Are they sturdy? 



the C50 did fine! i used them mostly for drier days but i did have to use them on muddy race and they did fine, it did change the brake track some nothing bad. so i think their a really good option!




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