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Wondering if anyone has for sale, or know's where I can get an Alpha Q CX fork with a 1inch steerer for my Litespeed Appalachian?

Endless Google searches tell me they are around but I can't find any shop that still has them(I did read somewhere the company had gone bust). Been waiting on Ebay for one to appear for months but no luck there either.

I'm not interesed in the cheap, heavy Nashbar option, and I'm sure the Wound Up Team X is good, but they are ridiculously expesive (and kinda ugly).

Hopefully there's a secondhand one lying around in someone's garage their not using anymore.. anyone?

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That's a hard one!  All I could come up with was this-  and I don't think you're going to like the price:


or just give True Temper a call and see if they have anything collecting dust in their warehouse:

True Temper Sports
8275 Tournament Drive
Suite 200
Memphis, TN - 38125
(800) 355-TRUE (8783)

Yeah a difficult one for sure..


$729 for the fork from bikepartsplace is insane! I doubt it's correct anyway, I don't think the CX20 ever came with a 1' steerer.

I emailed True Temper, see what they come back with.

Thanks for the link.


Anyone else..?


Don't do it.  I had one on my steel CX bike, and didn't care for it, anything you find will be an older model, and too flexy in 1 inch.  Get a nice steel one from someone like Igleheart or another builder, about 600-650 grams, rides great, very classy and no worries. BTW, there's a nice unpainted  1" steel Ritchey CX fork on fleabay now that would look great on the Litespeed for less than $80. I love mine, light and lots of clearance.

Too flexy? That's part of the problem I get with the original steel fork. Also, I have to run my Shorty Ultimates wide because the fork's are too narrow. Mud clearance is a problem as well, and I have to flatten the tyre each time I need to take it out, not a big deal but kida annoying.

Hadn't thought of a different steel fork? Was hoping to get something lighter as well. I'll check it out.


Got a response from TrueTemper, no 1inch CX's left over and CX20's defintiely only come in 1 1/8


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