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Sort of cyclocross related...

So my wife found a bathroom linen cabinet on craigslist last night.
She loved it so we got it which is all good.

The part I don't understand is the dang thing is $700.
If I wanted to buy a bike for $1,000, she'd say "WTF??? NO!"
But...if there's a cool bathroom cabinet for $700 it's ok to spend $700?
We're going to put $50 worth of towels and TP in a $700 cabinet when I can't get permission to buy a $700 cx bike I'd ride several times a week without catching serious grief?!?!?!

I guess there are advantages of having a non-biking wife.
If and when she realizes there's a brand new Moots hanging in the garage, it only cost me $575. :-)

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Personally, I just buy whatever I need and tell her later. If she bitches about it then I tell her at least I am fit and not some wife beater alcoholic.


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