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What the Hee Haw - I've been to several shops and EVERYONE has the best CX bike. Do I really need to spend $2000 CAN to $3000 CAN to learn to ride cross?


The best bang for buck seems to be the Kona - Jake the Snake, but a fella at a local shop told me they were absolute crap because of their welding and lack of FULL 105 kit. Man I remember when I got my fist mountain bike - a Rocky Mountain Team Comp for $800 bucks, what has happened to cycling? 


Any suggestions on a reasonably priced and bomb proof steed?


All the best!






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Spend $2k-$3K? I would say no. Get a used bike, race it then if you want to spend more money, buy some nice wheels. Too many people think you need to have a high end bike to have fun, load of crap. Don't get sucked in.

Many thanks for the imput!

Any suggestons for a brutha who is on the "larger" side of riding?

Being a Kona guy, I have a 09 Kona Dawg Deluxe, I find it hard that their frames are crap, I have not ridden a Jake the Snake yet but it was on my list of Cross bikes, I am just not a fan of the 105 stuff,
The Kona cross bikes have done very well at the National level in Cross.
I raced my first cross season on a used Salsa Las Cruces frame/fork with a mix of 105 derailures and Tiagra shifters... When you start racing, unless you are a phenom, the equipment isn't really going to matter... That Jake the Snake will be a great first cross bike and probably good for a few seasons... BTW- find a different shop if that guy worked for the shop you were in...

Good Luck,

Hahah - definitely not a phenom, more like an old mountain bike convert trying to keep it real!

Thanks for the info, I'll post the final purchase!!


Man, I don't have $2000 American in both my bikes! I have the Ridley Crossbow. Have you looked at Redlines? Well made, inexpensive.
I concur. You don't need to spend two grand to get into this sport. I certainly didn't.
And Redline make very nice bikes for the money. My 2010 SS bike is a MonoCog that is filled with lots of bang for few bucks. Check out their line of cross bikes; that's probably where I'll go if I decide I want something "roadier" in 2011.
Yeah, unless you are ready to go to the head of the B race, you can do quite well for that much. The Kona's are good, Redline had a great line up. Bianchi Axis, build up a Salsa double cross... I went with a Mongoose Croix, but not sure if you can find in Canada - only available in the US thru Performance for a short while. Sure, it't a bit heavy but at this point, it's more about the motor than the vehicle. The 105 group will be fine, especially for you to bang around while you're learning the ropes and you can upgrade as you go.

Check the Cycocross Mag's bike reviews.
Here in Northern California I witnessed a guy on an old 90's MTB win just about every 45+ B's race in one of the toughest series in the state. I like to think that you could put together sunctional bike at a very low cost. A lot of these forums crack me up when guys are having discussions about whether they should run carbon wheels or not. Like other people mentioned, you can get into cross without having to break the bank and can always upgrade later if you get the bug...or win the lottery!
I'm chuckling, because it's true, last summer while completing The Raid Pyrenean 100 hr challenge, my bro told me that he was in the middle of a an absolutely punishing climb when out of nowhere a dude wearing cut off jeans and t-shirt, riding a 80's vintage Pinerello ripped up beside him, chatted briefly about being late for work, then took off out of sight. Clearly it's more about the engine, than the car at this stage, although it's always nice to dream.....

In any event, the deed is done - I just got back from purchasing a Jake the Snake!

Thanks for all the suggestions / wisdom!

Greetings. Great choice. Did you buy a 2010 JTS? The blue is so cool. I have a 2009 JTS (green). Contrary to what the guy in your LBS told you, the JTS is not a crap bike. He's crazy. Its a very popular frame in the USA. I ride my JTS hard on single track and on some technical descents and the bike just begs for more. You get a bang for your buck. I'm very happy with mine. In 2009 I raced it stock but I'll start upgrading the stem, seat post and saddle as we get closer to the 2010-2011 season. Take care.

The 2010 it is!

What kind of stem and seat post are you looking at?




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