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What brand 46/36 chainrings to run with SRAM Red BB30 compact crankset?

Do any of you run 46T/36T chainrings on a SRAM Red BB30 compact crankset?  If so, what specific brand and model chainrings are you using?  I ask because I recently purchased this crankset for my new build and have found that the FSA Super Road 46T chainring does not fit, or to be more exact, will only fit if I file down the pin that prevents the chain from getting stuck between the crank arm and chainring.

Perhaps there is a 46T/36T chainring set that works better with SRAM Red BB30 compact cranks, yes?



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My CX crank situation is similar.  I would like to set up 46/36T chainrings on my rig, however I currently run SRAM Force compact cranks and the best option that I have seen are a set of 110BCD ROTOR chainrings.  The chainrings are the ROTOR's Q rings and would run close to $275 MSRP for the set, giving me pause.  


I've done further research as there are options out there, but none seem to fit the bill.  It seems many manufacturers are loath to supply rings for 110BCD cranks in CX friendly sizes.  


Does anyone have experience with the ROTOR Q rings, or have a better suggestion?

So, the Rotors do not have the offending pin and thus there is no interference between charinring and crankarm?  Rotor is indeed quite proud of its chainrings... ouch.

Not exactly what I was getting at, but I was surprised that FSA's would require modification.  Like you, I was hoping to get a response for a make and model of chainrings that someone has been running with a SRAM drivetrain.


I was thinking about your setup compared to mine, and I'm fairly certain (without actually punching numbers and measuring the bits) that the issue arises from the design of the BB30 cranks.  SRAM intentionally produces the BB30 cranks with increased ankle clearance, which likely pushes the crank arm in a few fractions of an inch.  FSA apparently did not design their ring with this characteristic in mind.


Also, further search revealed that ROTOR Q-rings 50t 100mm BCD is necessary for all BB30 compact cranks due to the shaping of each particular arm and the required machining of the chainring to fit.  This seems to jive with FSA's issue.  Not an ideal situation for a ring costing the better part of $200.


In your situation, I would grab a set of calipers and sit down with a grinder and your FSA chainring.  Remove just enough of the offending pin on the ring to clear the crankarm. Any warrantee may be voided but the mechanical capabilities should not be compromised.  But, your bike, your choice.


As mentioned previously, the price of the Q-rings gives me pause.  If you choose to modify your FSA chainring and it solves your problem, I would be excited to know and solve my dilemma.

I was about to say I have an extra set of the cross sized Q-rings I never ended up using that I would sell for way below retail, but checked and mine are 130bcd.
Have you asked SRAM, or FSA about your issue?
Not yet.  I just "discovered" this Friday evening.  Monday I'll call the shop that is selling the frameset to me and that will be building the bike.  They co-sponsor a 'cross team and may well know the solution.

You have to either file down the pin or pop it off.  You would have the same problem with a Sram 46t on a 130bcd force BB30 Crankset...


Design wise I like the way the carbon curvature provides for a 'natural' pin.


If you don't go with either FSA or Sram then try Stu Thornes  "THORNE Koksijde chainring" 46t or 44t 110bcd.  They are supposed to be sweet !



Thanks.  I took a hard look at the Thorne rings on Cyclocross World.  Unfortuantely, the sizes I need are not in stock.  I have been assuming that since Stu Thorne owns Cyclocross World, Thorne rings are only available there.  Please let me know if they are sold elsewhere online.

I have the non BB30 Sram Red's on both A bike and Pit, but what I found that may be helpful, and Shift amazingly, are the Race Face 110 BCD rings, they come in silver and black and are lowish profile and may just do the trick, good luck

Hi Jeffery,

  There are rings that work better than any other rings made but most riders haven't heard of them YET.  They fit the SRAM Red in a 110BCD and many other cranks.  They come in a 46/36 or a 44/34 size.

WickWerks makes these Radically Ramped rings.  Katie Compton has been racing them in the World Cup and the US Nationals for the last two seasons.  She races them on a Zipp Vumaquad and SRAM Red cranks. 

She runs the 44/34 size.  They are great rings, good enough for Katie to race exclusively on.  They are certainly good enough for everyone else.

She's the best woman cross racer in the world in my opinion and many others, what a competitor and athlete.

Here are the specs on them;

CNC 7075-T6, MIL type 3 hard anodized
Weight 111 g (34/44)
Weight 129 g (36/46)

You can find these at their website  They look very cool as well as performing great.

By the way these rings rock when shifting up an incline, shifting anywhere and everywhere, in the mud anywhere, they engage very fast.  You won't get a faster or more solid engagement from any other rings.  These rings are stiff and light and are simply the best cross rings made period. 

Unlike the costly Rotor rings at $275.00 a set, these are only $129.50 a set and they out shift Rotor any day.  Cross is about shifting and using your gears to your advantage, these rings allow you to do that.

That's saying a lot, you'll know it's true once you power shift a set of them.

I hope this helps!

Do a Google search and you can see the WickWerks cross rings on her Stevens bikes.  Go Katie Go!

So, Chris Wickliffe, is this what you call "direct to consumer advertising"?  You cannot even write about your own product and company in the first person.  I don't really think this forum was created to provide you with free advertising.  Moreover, no matter what your chainrings can and cannot do, you didn't even have the intelligence to address the issue I first wrote about, to wit, the fit of 46T chainrings on a SRAM BB30 crank.  You may have a great product but I will never know because of your rude and self serving post.




No offense meant Jeffery.  I could have worded it better in hindsight.  I just wanted to let riders know there is a solution for the SRAM Red out there and it's a good one.  Most riders haven't even heard of us.

"Moreover, no matter what your chainrings can and cannot do, you didn't even have the intelligence to address the issue I first wrote about, to wit, the fit of 46T chainrings on a SRAM BB30 crank. "

I thought you'd get it when I posted the ring sizes, 44/34 and 46/36 and said that they are currently being used on the SRAM RED. 

YES they will bolt right onto the SRAM RED BB30 without modification.

No rudeness was ever intended in my post, just enlightening those that are looking for a solution to the question.





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