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What brand 46/36 chainrings to run with SRAM Red BB30 compact crankset?

Do any of you run 46T/36T chainrings on a SRAM Red BB30 compact crankset?  If so, what specific brand and model chainrings are you using?  I ask because I recently purchased this crankset for my new build and have found that the FSA Super Road 46T chainring does not fit, or to be more exact, will only fit if I file down the pin that prevents the chain from getting stuck between the crank arm and chainring.

Perhaps there is a 46T/36T chainring set that works better with SRAM Red BB30 compact cranks, yes?



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Hey Chris,


Realizing that I'm not the original poster in the thread, it may have been better if you addressed Boldt's problem in a more straightforward manner.  


But.... and a big BUT, both the post concerning Stu Thorne's rings and yours warrant some more research on my part.  Both could be the solution to my problem.





Thanks Si, you are correct.

Best Regards,



Whoa Jeff, that was a bit harsh.


Personally, I thought Chris' post was relavant to the thread and offered a good solution. He mentions that Katies is using them in a very similar confgiuration that we are discussing here. "She races them on a Zipp Vumaquad and SRAM Red cranks.  She runs the 44/34 size".


With all that said, I still think the easiest and most obvious solution is just popping off that pin.



Thanks Michael!

 Best Regards,



In my opinion, Chris' post was appropriate -- he just should have been a little more straight-up about identifying who he was.  Sounds like a good solution tho.


I don't know about "harsh" but certainly accurate.  Truly, Chris used his or her post as nothing more than an advertisement for his or her product.  If the intention was to help with my original question, she or he might have noted that the issue I encountered arose from the fact that the crankset in question is a BB30 crankset.  The crank arms on the SRAM Red BB30 crankset are shaped differently than on a SRAM Red GXP.  Thus, 110BCD outer chainrings with fewer teeth (e.g., my 46 tooth outer ring) do not fit without modification to the anti chain-drop pin.  Chris' post does not address this.  The Stevens bike that K.C. ridge has custom Zipp cranks, not BB30s.

Hi Michael,

  You are correct, I did try and get our name out there along with some information about the question asked plus some specs on the 46/36 and 44/34 rings we offer.  No one knows about us with the exception of some of those racers that are really into cross or mountain in a big way.  My intention was to answer the BB30 big ring pin question plus get some information out about WW cross rings for the readers of this forum that have not heard about us.  No harm done.

Katie Compton rides both the Zipp and the RED, she has several bikes in the USA and Europe and races both cranks with our rings. 

The catch pin on our outer ring does not stick out as far as most others, it will fit the BB30 SRAM Red crank as well as the Red GXP and many others.  I hope this clears up any questions.

Best Regards,




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