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What do we have to do to have more then 1 race in NYC?

What has to happen to have more races here? I'm pretty new to NYC so forgive me if this hourse has been beaten.

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I know some folks have been trying to get a race on Randall's Island for a few years now.  Not sure where we are at with that.  I also know my club has been talking about a race up in Peekskill (hop on the commuter train from the city) that would be pretty easy to get to.  There is also the NJ series, at least some of which I think you can take public transportation at least most of the way to.  But that is pretty much it, unless you want to go into Connecticut, but those races are usually pretty far up.  I think one of the roadblocks is people are very protective of their parks around here.  With relatively limited green space I think it would be a tough sell (even with us re-seeding) to get someone to agree to let us rip up a park for a weekend.  They seem to have done it in Chicago, which means it is possible, but I'm not sure we have the advocacy and mass needed to get that kind of thing done around here.


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