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I'm a 190-200lb rider, but strength training is my primary discipline (and actually, my profession -- I'm a personal fitness trainer). So that said, I'm a powerful 200-pounder.

I've realized that b/c of my size, strength, and curb-hopping/fun-having/cx-racing riding style a custom wheel build is the way to go. And I'd also like to be able to race this wheelset next CX season, too.

That said, I don't wanna spend a ton of cash. So what do you think of this build?

rim - Kinlin xr300 (or maybe even velocity a23)
hub - velocity road (28h front 28h -- or possibly 32h -- rear. thoughts?)
spoke - sapim cx ray
nipple - DT alloy

Built with the Kinlin xr 300's, it should come out to be around 1600ish grams for the set. The a23's should be somewhere in that same neighborhood, but obviously MUCH shallower (though wider).

I'd love to hear yall's thoughts and feedback on this build (or other options altogether).

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A23s, 28f/32r should work just fine.  I'm about your size (probably not as strong) and I raced an entire season on A23s, 24f/28r with no problems.  BIG fan of the A23.  The extra spokes should give you what you need.

Cool Scott, thanks! I'll race these next season and think the wider wheel of the a23's will let me run a bit lower pressure, but wonder if the 19.5 depth will give me the strength I need without a crapload of spokes. What do you think?

Looks pretty good.

I don't have experience with the Kinlins, but they do get good reviews and comments.

For spoke nipples, do brass on the drive side. For qty, more is generally better (of course). I ran a 20-24 set the past 2 seasons without issues, but they have 50mm deep carbon rims (way nicer wheels than my skills deserve) For something with a shallower rim like the Kinlin or Velocity's, I'd run 28 fr 32 rear.


Jeremy - 195lbs and wheelbuilder

Why brass on the drive side, Jeremy?

Drive side on a wheel is much higher tension to keep the wheel dished correctly - this is of course only for the rear wheel. Typically, drive side spokes and nipples are the nipples that break from pure riding stress (not hitting a stump).

I have been on a Kinlin rim for two years of racing and training. I can't believe how strong its been. I will use them again on my next build.

are you using the xr300's? If not which rim are you running? And how heavy are you?

I am on the xr270's. I race not only race cross on them but also short track. I bet I have over 40 races on them. Also I ride MTB trails with 45mm tires. I have beat the heck out of them with not even a truing needed. I weighed about 180 when I got them although my weight is about 165 now.


I've talked to some guys that say the velocity road hubs are weak and have some design flaws. Any opinions on that? Is that something velocity has since fixed?

If not, what other DURABLE hubs would yall suggest that are at least comparable in price and weight to the Velocity. FYI, the velocity road front hub is $64.99 (80g) and the rear is $109.99 (250g).

I REALLY wanna get the hub right on this wheelset, but can't afford to break the bank on em either (which means I know i'm not gonna be rockin' dt swiss 240's or chris king's...) ;-).

As Keith Bontrager said, "Strong. Light. Cheap. Pick any two."
A bit more hub weight isn't going to be all that noticeable while riding, and I'm guessing the extra weight won't be too big a problem for you...
Shimano hubs aren't the sexiest choice, but they're durable and easily rebuildable.
Ultegras, or even 105s, would be a good choice for a rider your (my) size.


How about bidding on these babies?  If you can get 'em at a decent price you would be set!

Ok, so I'm struggling with rolling a lighter rim with more spokes (like the a23) vs a heavier deep-v rim like the kinlin xr300 or velocity fusion, with better aero/strength qualities.

I'm starting to think that this new set should just be for road (even though i hop curbs, mess around, don't baby my bike when i ride), and I should re-tool my alex dc19's for CX next year (since I only do 8-10 races/season).

That said, could i get away with one wheelset of 19mm wide and one at 22mm wide without having to make canti brake adjustments every time i swap?

Thoughts? Can i truly find a build that is reasonably lightweight enough, strong enough, and $500 or less that can pull double duty as CX and road wheels...or am i better off just going with different dedicated sets?


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