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I'm a 190-200lb rider, but strength training is my primary discipline (and actually, my profession -- I'm a personal fitness trainer). So that said, I'm a powerful 200-pounder.

I've realized that b/c of my size, strength, and curb-hopping/fun-having/cx-racing riding style a custom wheel build is the way to go. And I'd also like to be able to race this wheelset next CX season, too.

That said, I don't wanna spend a ton of cash. So what do you think of this build?

rim - Kinlin xr300 (or maybe even velocity a23)
hub - velocity road (28h front 28h -- or possibly 32h -- rear. thoughts?)
spoke - sapim cx ray
nipple - DT alloy

Built with the Kinlin xr 300's, it should come out to be around 1600ish grams for the set. The a23's should be somewhere in that same neighborhood, but obviously MUCH shallower (though wider).

I'd love to hear yall's thoughts and feedback on this build (or other options altogether).

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From what I have been reading about (same size and power rider like you) is that we should really have two sets of wheels. But with those two sets your best bet is to stick with similar width wheels as it will save you have to constantly re-adjust your brakes. With that said, the Velocity A23 have a lot of people impressed with what they can do and the abuse they can take. But the same can be said for the XR300/XR270/XR19W.

Will you be building these yourself or having someone build them? You could always look into the Asian hubs like Novatec, Dati, Circus Monkey, and BikeHubStore for a cheaper alternative that seemingly have good results (though I have heard it is better to run a cassette with an aluminum spider to save your freehub body).

My rear on my Jake is starting to need constant truing (I ride some pretty rough roads and like to bunny hop potholes and large cracks) so I am thinking I am going to need at least a rear soon here. Looking at the build I was thinking of (Kinlin XR270/X19W, BHS Superlight Hubset, Sapim Race (DB) spokes, dt swiss nipples) with me building them myself it would cost me a little less than $300 with shipping and everything.

I race CX at about 195.  Am not easy on my wheels... Run 32 3x major toms with DT Swiss Revolutions/comps (DS).  Have not trued a wheel after a build yet.  Even built up a MT rim and glued it the day before a race... havn't touched that wheel either.

32h with a good wheelbuilder will give you all the strength you are looking for


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