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What do you want to know from the guy?

Hey CXMers, Chris Bagg here, regular contributor and editor to the print magazine. I'm heading off to interview Colin Reuter in a little bit. What do you want to know about his website?

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Will be the tool that USAC will use in the future to help rank racers acurately, across the board (Cat 1, 2,3,4, Masters 45+, B, C-Cat 4b, Masters 35+ Cat 3, in MA, MI, OH, WA, CA, FL, etc....) and on a national level to help level the playing field when you race out your local scene? And will this be used to help qualify racers for regional races and possibly Nationals?
That's a great question, John. How do you feel about USAC's current ranking system? If you don't like it, what would you like to see improved? Do you think fills the gaps you see in USAC's system?
At least when I was checking USAC's results last year they were pretty inaccurate. They didn't seem to have a good sample of races. Somehow I was the #1 ranked rider ( at one point) in the country but I never won a race last year.

I am a huge fan and supporter of USAC And the Cat 1-4 system. But the National ranking system for Cyclocross and Mountain biking is horrible. In additon, if promoters don't submit their results, it gets worse. But it does not seem that USAC mandates this to the promoters. Which makes me think that if USAC is granting the license to the promoters, that they would at least want the results in return to make the USAC rankings more ligit.

As for -- Simply awesome. Not only is the ranking system more accurate, but there are some really cool tools, data, charts, and graphs to help you monitor your progress. Such tools as "Head to Head" compition tracking which makes racing againist your closest rivials more fun even if its for battling out last place every race is one of my favorites! But on a down side, the promoters all need to use the same computer software so can get the data onto their site. This is a problem with our local race series currently.


As for a fix. My 2 cents. Cat 1 racers race Cat 1 racers. Cat 2 racers race Cat 2 racers Cat 3 racers race Cat 3.... etc. But then you run into problems with age groups or "Masters" Cats. I'm not sure there is an entire solution to the issue, but streamlining some of the Cats / classes and having USAC standardize the race classes across the country for every National / local series may be somewhere to start.


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