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Does anyone know what it takes to form a cyclocross team?  I'm a beginner myself but was curious. Here in NYC I don't know of any local teams or I would be interested in that route...  We have plenty of road teams here that dabble in cyclocross, but not where cyclocross is main.  Thanks in advance!


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we are looking for someone to lead our NYC syndicate for


shoot me an email


why start a new team when you can join a National team and lead your Syndicate?

1. Crazy people with bikes.

2. Beer.

Hey, you stole my team's motto! ;-)

What's the purpose of the team?

Social: Have people to race/train with

Race: Employ team tactics during your race.


If it's social, then just start a regular ride and enjoy.  If it's race-focused, you'll need a couple of rides anyway for people to congregate around.  From there, forming a club that has a bank account and is registered with USAC takes time.  You need a few dedicated people either way.

Agreed forming a team is no easy task. But it is rewarding to be able to steer a group of people in the direction you want. Get ahold of me and I can give you some pointers having formed a road focused team that also now invests substantially in cross.


Do you mind if I touch base with you sometime later about the team concept as well? I'm a newbie to racing anything and the shop I race for ust started a team and it's begoming appearant we need to oversee some aspects. I'd like to help but I have no idea of what or how to address.

Yeah email me at

Happy to help. 

Jared -

If the OP hasn't taken you up on this yet, I'll be in touch.  I'm also NYC area based and focused on cross. 

hey jared how does one join?




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