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What exactly do I need in other to equip a Santa Cruz Stigmata frame off from other parts

I purchased a Specialized Allez Comp Apex 2011 bicycle with Apex grouping on it....and later realized that I would like to get a Cyclocross bike.  I do not want to sell off the bike in Craigs or Ebay so, I am wondering what other extras do I need in order to equip a Santa Cruz Stigmata frame? 


I realized I need a fork...but I am in need of guidance about the stem as well as if I need a new crank with different gearing. I am thinking about cannibalizing the rest from the Specialized.


This is the bike I have....


I am also thinking about using the same wheels meanwhile.  I am trying to keep expenses at a minimum. 


BTW:  I am open to getting a new handlebar and steam, as well as the canti brakes. 



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Drive train: use the SRAM shifters and front and rear derailleurs from your Allez. Change the chain rings on your compact to a cross-specific gearing (36-46 is common). Or replace both with a either a 42 or 44 single ring with a bashguard; remove the FD and install and a chain keeper.

Wheels: use the  wheels and cogset off your Allez (the extrawide Apex 11-28 will be very cross friendly). Replace the road tires with some cross clinchers.

Brakes: cantilevers are a must. I like Avid Shorty Ultimates, which have barrel adjusters unlike many other CX brakes. For less expensive, I have had some success with Tektro CR720s. I have found Avid Shorty 4/5/6 to be fairly non-durable.

Bars and stem - use the Allez first, see if they fit you okay. Most people like a shorter reach on their cross bike than they run on a road bike. Stems are cheap, change it out if you don't like. Most CX riders like a short drop bar but in my experience, you don't spend any time in the drops so you can just use any old road bars.

Hope this helps, enjoy the ride!


Hi, thanks for the reply.  Since your reply, I have placed an order for a chocolate colored Santa Cruz Stigmata and I am combing Ebay for a good Easton 90 X fork.  Also, I have decided against cannibalizing too much of the bike, perhaps the only thing I will take out from Allez will be things that are easy to take out and put back, like the seat post, the seat, the wheels.  If I take out the bars and everything else, when and if I want to ride it again, I might have to do many things like putting back the tape and all other things.  So, I have decided to look for bare kits, like those available in Ebay with bare components like cross type of cranks, front and back derailleurs, chain, Avid ultimate brakes etc...I will have a lean, a little franken type of cross ride but once I get it geared, I will post a nice picture of appreciation for your words.  Thanks for the advice!


Paul from NYC

Hey Paul,

Glad this helped. Nothing wrong with a Franken bike... after some time, all our bikes end up this way anyway as you replace stuff.  Check with your local bike shops for parts on the cheap - many of them have bins of stuff just waiting for a good home. Also look here on the CX cowbell forums "classifieds" section.

Whatever you do, be sure to build the bike while you can get out to a race or two this fall!

Joe (Buffalo, NY)


I need to train, lower my gut etc...  All the nearest racing events seem to be a couple of hours drive away from NYC...which is unfortunate.  We do have some State parks near my neighborhood of Queens, maybe 30 minutes away where things can get dirty and nasty.  Meanwhile, I will slowly build the beast up.  The Stigmata will come this coming Monday, when wifey is not home....will tell the UPS man to leave it with neighbor if I am not here to receive it....large box, but the frame just weights like 2.5 or less lbs.  It is an anorexic type...but being that I am just 145 lbs, the folks at Santa Cruz told me that it should be quite resilient...and if the frame ever goes bad, they will replace it for one of their mountain frames, they stopped making this one.  Too bad, it is one heck of spec bike.  Made in the USA.  Anyway, when I begin building it, I might do a photo shot of the process. 



wondering how your build went? post photos!

It is almost done.  I will take some pics and post them up this weekend!


I put my old Shimano Dura ace road pedal in the arm cranks and when I thought that a seatpost would fit, it is too narrow.  So, I am waiting for an order for a Thompson post, as well as a almost new Selle Flite Gel with titanium rails and kevlar parts.  Will take pics of what I have tomorrow.  One noticeable thing about my rig, it is lighter than then Specialized Allez Compact by a noticeable margin.  Even in comparison to my old Bianchi Eros, which is supposed to be heavy due to steel, the Stigmata is superlight.  Amazingly well finished frame.  Quality cannot be faked or shortchanged.  Best part of it all, Made in the good old U S of A!

Got it the pict of it posted on my album!. Thanks for the help.  I had a change of using it in some roads around my haunt, it handles very well and it is the lightest of all my steeds at 18.5 lbs.  My other bikes are tanks in comparison:  Bianchi Eros 1996 23.5 lbs, Kona Lavadome 1996 17", 28.5, my Specialized Allez Comp must weight like 20.5 lbs.

Give us a link to the pics!



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