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I am starting as a beginner racer, 6'0", 175lbs on Iron Cross rims and SSCX bike. Looking at the Bay Area series (prestige etc.) and Sacramento stuff. I did order a pair of Mud 2s so far but feel I should get a file tread and one or two alternatives. Also wondering if I should get some Latex tubes just-in-case...



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For a file tread, I'd definitely look into the Clement LAS, for all-around the Clement MPX.


Did my first race yesterday on the Ravens. They felt great - especially on the long sections of pavement with U-turns at the end. Never felt like I was out of grip. Of course, I was not exactly on the edge just figuring this stuff out. Hoping I get to try the Mud 2 next race (come on rain...). At 175lb I had them at 35psi which felt right to me on the hard pack and gave me no issues on the very bumpy sections.

thanks for the update. good stuff. regarding specialized, they plan to make all their other treads (trigger, terra, tracer 2bliss) so you should have more options, but the captain is a pretty versatile tread. 

I think this was mentioned in another post but Specialized do list the Captain as "coming soon" on their site (below). I have to say I did the Rockville race (Fairfield, CA) this Sunday and for the first time felt I did not have the right tire with the Ravens.


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