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An Oregonian seeks advice from the Midwestern and New England delegates.
Hopefully you can do this without laughing.
I'm used to riding in the rain, been doing it for nearly 40 years, got it down pat.
But the forecast for this weekend's USGP calls for a drop in temps, partly cloudy with sunbreaks, and a high of 40 degrees (the lows will be near 30 and I am racing very early in the morning). This is cold weather for us, and without the rain to warm things up it will feel really frosty.

In my profile photo, you will note that I am clad in my team kit, which I got used from another member and which fits, ahem, snugly. This makes base layer selection a crapshoot.

I have already given up on the very thin team shorts and leg warmers and will instead wear shorts under my vintage PI tights with the lime green (yesss!) insulated knees. Up top, I still ought to wear the team jersey, but what can I wear under it that won't make me feel like the Michelin Lady and will still keep me warm and give me decent freedom of movement? Shockingly, I have a little budget left over at the end of my season so I can splurge just a bit, assuming it can be found at my local, highly-upscale bike boutique.


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Craft base layers are awesome. They've got a few different styles and levels of warmth and there's a decent chance your bike boutique carries their stuff.
Definitely second the Craft base layers. The long sleeve with windstopper front is spot on for me. I know you can get it from the store in the states.

Hi Beth.
I fully understand your dilema. I know that sock guy makes or used to make a very light weight base layer under shirt that works ok. I also have a set of REI brand silk base layer tops and bottoms, yes silk! for some crazy reason they are very warm and cozy and light weight. I sometimes wear them under my jersey on cold weather rides and seem to be ok. It would be worth a shot. Have fun and don't forget to warm up prior to your race.
Thanks! Of course I will warm up carefully before my -- gasp! -- 8:45 am race.
And I'll definitely check out some silk layers.
8:45!!! Is the sun even up by then?!? :) Have a blast.
Also I had a doctors checkup on my foot last week...still fractured. I have to wear this boot for two more weeks. I will have it off by nats. That way I don't have to slosh around with a cold soggy foot.
OW! Good on you for listening to yer doc. If the boot comes off by Nats, consider borrowing a wellie-style rubber boot a couple sizes too big and wrapping the offending foot in really thick socks for cushioning. My niece did this some years back to go on a fall birding trip and said it worked. Have fun at Nats, and have a dark brew for me.
i'd recommend under armor, its kind of expensive but i have a lot of it from when i was a messenger and its very warm and not bulky at all, theres different levels yous can get but im pretty sure they're all similar in price. or try and find knock-off brands that are basically the same thing.
I second the Craft stuff. I have on the Craft Pro Zero long sleeve stuff as I type this and even with the house at 60F it's a tad warm. It fits tightly too so wearing it under a skinsuit is no problem.

I'm not trying to toot my own horn but this is what I would type out for you anyways regarding this thread:

Get some good leg warmers, some good gloves and something to cover your head.
I think I've about got it dialed in. A friend is loaning me a Windsor Wear wool shirt (like a close-fitting tee-shirt, but in merino wool). I'm going to wear that under my jersey and go with the thick wool armwarmers. Probably will roll with shorts and tights over them. Thanks.
Hi Beth,

I live in SE Michigan - our state championship last year was in 8" of snow with a high temp of 15 degrees. How's that for credentials? My racing kit consists of bib shorts and a short sleeved jersey. When temps dip into the 30s I go with this pretty tried and true set up:

On top:
Long sleeved base layer: Craft makes some great ones, even with windstopper fabric. Mine is from Patagonia, seems to work well
Short-sleeved Jersey
Arm warmers (the nice and fleecy type) PI makes some decent ones for not a lot of $$
On my head - either a regular cycling cap under my helmet or if there's a biting wind I might use a lightweight hat something poly-pro works good
Hands - a good pair of gloves, preferably with some sort of wind barrier - I have a pair of PI ones that kinda suck (no windstopper), they are old and are likely meant only for fall riding...

On bottom:
Bib shorts
Leg warmers - if it's not too windy, tights if it's really windy out - I've also been known to throw on some embrocation under the leg warmers if I'm feeling a little spunky...
Socks - Smartwool long cuff - these are the bees knees
If the wind is really bad, I may even cover my toe vents on my shoes with some duct tape. helps keep the tootsies warm

Probably more info than you needed... hope this helps!

Helps immensely. Thanks much! -B
Beth, the one item you did not mention was a hat. A windproof skull cap is almost essential to my riding here in WY from Oct to March...


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