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Alright, at first this may seem like a silly question. But with the level that some folks go to get their bike setup just so, I think that bar tape can be fairly important. Having ridden lots of different tapes over the years, there's definitely a wide range from tape that you just barely know is there, to stuff that really cushions the bar like a Cadillac. So..........................I'm wondering what everyone's favorite is and why.

Personally since I just went to a much more rigid Easton EA70x fork for this season (my former house branded carbon leg, aluminum steerer tube fork was recalled), I'm REALLY wanting to find something pretty cushy. Of course, I'm also making the jump to tubulars which should soften the cockpit up a bit. Has anyone tried the Cinelli gel tape? It looks really cushy but I'd be curious to hear from those that have tried it out.

Post up and let's hear what you think!


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Im not a trek guy, but I like the bontrager gel. stretches nice and doesnt leave a bunch of crap on your bars when you change it.

Bonus: It is also on sale for 9.99 at LBS as part of that trek sale. You should stock up, im gonna by a few today.
I'm partial to Stella Azzura Tecno-Spugna medium-density tape designed for cobbles and poorly-paved surfaces. It's comfortable, relatively inexpensive, comes in a wide selection of colors, is made in Italy, is easy to clean, and is pretty strong. I've used it for several years and have been happier with it than I have been with other manufacturers' bar tapes. I am going to try the regular-density tape for my 'A' bike this season - only because I'm trying to cut the weight down on that bike; however, I'm sticking with the medium-density tape for my training/'B' bike.

Good luck Brian!
I have used Specialized's Bar Phat this year on the road and it's beautifully comfortable.
I am either going to use this or double wrap with the cheap Bonty tape.
I have this tape (Specialized Bar Phat) and it is great. Absorbs a lof of the pounding, lasts a long time and is super compfy. It's especially nice if you like to ride w/out gloves.
you can never go wrong with a wacky colored Cinelli bar tape its worth the extra money it really is
+1 on the Bontrager Gel.
My favorite is Handlebra leather bar tape. Real leather. Grippy. Comfortable. Bullet-proof. Reusable.

The only downsides are cost (see reusable so cost is OK in the long run) and the need to waterproof/treat it regularly.


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