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Couple of newbie questions.


  • I currently have Mavic CXP-22's for my wheels and wanting to try something else.  From what I've read, they are a bomb-proof wheel but also heavy. I weigh 195lbs so 3oz. isn't going to change much for me but looking for a solid and lighter clincher wheel repalcement.  Easton EA90 SL's are 1550 as our Mavic Kysrium Elite's which would be a big savings over the CXP.  Any other suggestions appreciated.
  • Another option is running tubless with my CXP's.  They have a red tape strip on them already. Is this enough to try tubeless or would i need to get some other tape from Stan's or similar type tape?
  • Kenda Small Block 8 tires - Will they work tubeless with the CXP's?  Or anyother clincher wheel should I purchase something new?

All kind of random thoughts so sorry for any confusion.  Other than me, my wheels seem like the easiest option to shed some weight.

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Skip the tubeless stuff. They will not work.

The Small block tires are not that great either . Tons of tread but too closely spaced.
No advice regarding tubeless but a vote against the EA90SL's for 'cross (or anything!). I had a pair that I used for road only and the bearings were really poorly sealed - they got all crunchy after a single crummy ride in the rain and the freehub pawls would fail to engage. Easton send new bearings and lube but I sold the wheels shortly after. Anyway, I've had great luck with Ksyriums but for 'cross I'm still inclined to use handbuilt wheels with easy to find and replace parts. Just a thought...
Thank you both.
Charley- do yourself a favor and skip the tubeless stuff and go right to tubular. The improvement in ride quality and handling as well as flat prevention is worth the minor hassle of having to glue them up. I run Stans sealant this year and so far have pulled out more than 30 goatheads between the Draper and Weber courses and have not had a flat yet. Last Sat at Weber I only ran 30-35 psi, during my race it rained and the course got slicker with each lap and guys were sliding out and dropping like flies, i never slid once. One of my teammates wanted to try my wheels after the race (he slid out and went down during) and was so blown away by the improvement over his clinchers he bought tubular wheels and tires this week. You can pick up a bomber set of aluminum wheels in the 1500g range for $3-400, a pair of griffo or Fango tires for $140, $30 for glue and sealant and you will have a perfect cross set up for under $600. I'd be happy to help you learn the gluing process, it is not hard. If you're going to be at the Wheeler Farm races this weekend and want to try a lap on my wheels you are welcome to (I'm running 9sp Shimano). My name is Shane, i race in the 45+ for the Ski Utah Team, and ride a blue Kona - You can ask the announcers to point me out or call me up - I'll probably hang out until after the 35A and Pro race.


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