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One of the Avid Shorty 4s that came stock on my bike several years ago has given up the ghost. Apart from my love affair with my Clement PDXs, I am not a gear head. I am a bit bewildered by the array of choices out there now. So, I'm coping out and looking for recommendations. Desired features: relatively strong stopping power (off season my 'cross bike gets a lot of use on the road, including mountain passes, etc); relatively easy adjustment (including something akin to barrel adjustment to accommodate different rim widths without moving the cable); and moderate price (not bargain basement, but I'm not looking for latest and lightest just a solid, dependable brake).


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The Avid Ultimates really fit the bill for you minus the price. In general what you are looking for is a low profile brake. High profile brakes (think TRP) inherently trade braking power for rim clearance. So even some newer Avid Shorties would work for you. You can pretty easily get an in-line barrel adjuster so that you can adjust them as you need.
Thanks, Chris.  I'll be looking only at low-profile brakes at the upcoming VeloSwap.  I'd settle for another Shorty 4, but have never been wild about them, so hopefully I'll find a deal on something better.  All I have to do now is figure out how to get through Sunday's race . . .
I'm really intrigued by the mini-V brakes lately. Might be another alternative.
You should definitely read the brake article in the latest issue of the mag.


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