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Which Edge composites Tubular Rim is better for Cyclocross?

For Edge composites tubular rim, 1.45, 2.45, 1.68, 2.68, and 29" XC


Which one is better for cyclocross?


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I have the Edge Compsites 2.38, granted they don't make that model any more, my wheels have held up quite nice. They're laced to Chris king hubs with Sapiem spokes and I'm about 130lbs and I'm not easy on them. My first race with these wheels my rear tire pressure was about 20psi (the pump gauge wasn't working and was off by almost 10psi). Going from grass to a sidewalk I hit hard but no signs of damage. Another race, I crashed on the second turn of the race and another racer rode over my rear wheel and landing on it, still true. The next day racing, my front wheel went flat and I rode about 2 laps with it flat before a wheel change. I thought I killed my front rim, once again no damage and the wheel was still true.

The 2. are design for more abuse and weight but I really believe 1. will hold just as well as the 2. Also Page is rding the new 2.25.
Hey Lan
I just got a set of Neuvation C50’s and they look really nice, I read as many reviews as I could find on them from people using them for cross and all of them seemed to be positive, and a set for C50’s are less than one EDGE rim. And you can get a new rim for $250 if you do smash one. That’s the main reason I went with the C50’s because I would cry is a broke an edge rim! But a ton of people here in Oregon use them so they must hold up, and they better at the price their asking!


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