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Who makes the best cx frame set for a clydesdale rider ?

I'm looking for some advice on buying a frame set !!! I've look at them all and still don't know which one to buy . Money is not the problem it's geting the wright frame for me it needs to be strong to hold a clydesdale . I ride a niner air 9 mt bike that is scandium and love it works great for me. This will be my first cx bike . wheel set chris king 36 spoke hubs with Hed rims and shimano ultegra 6700. Just need a frame to finish the build.



chris w

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Go customs, take a looks at Mark Nobilitte, he has been building clydesdale bikes longer than most bike builders have been walking. He has done Zinn's clydesdales and customes for Rivendell.

What wheel set do you ride with? I have chris king hubs but have not got my rims yet . I did talk to mark sounds like he makes a good frame thanks .

chris w
Chris, No one builds a better frame than Mark. Not a lot of bling but the quality is increditable. I have a ton of wheels. 303 zips, 404 zips, nimble flys, campy shamal, campy eurus, campy neutrons, etc. etc.... I ride campy so I can't use Kings but I have used them in the past and I love the hubs. If you have the money and want carbon, the Edge rims are pretty hot right now. If you want to save some money and go AL , I like Kinlin XR-300 rims. They are strong and light weight for the depth.
A custom built bike would be sweet! But I'm sure that you'd be fine with any standard aluminum or steel frame. I have a personal preference for Cannondales. Check out your LBS and see what they have.

As a fellow Clyde, who has broken a few frames, I would suggest you look at Bailey Bikes. I ride a Miniluv but they both are great frames. Jon the owner is easy to work with. Great frame and super stiff and yet comfortable.

Their ad has been in the last couple of issues CXM

A fellow clyde here too... I swear by Ridley, I have an x-fire and a crosswind, little flex and they hold up great, had a jake the snake (original from '97) and it finally broke last year, small crack in the head tube. Remember a cross bike and cross racing is about finesse and handling, there is very little jumping like in MTB, think more urban city riding, hard accelerations and big hard fast stops, look at Paul brakes with Salmon pads, the MTB version from Harris, they will stop you nicely, and get some strong cranks!!! if you are breaking a ton of frames you are doing something wrong, last year was my heaviest year at 250 for racing 8 races and crashed well a few times and both bikes held up very well...
Hey Chris,

This is Andy, up in Chattanooga, (used to work at the Trek Store). Glad to see you on here and looking into cross bikes! Been riding much, or just playing on your motorized toys?

My vote on a great clydesdale cross frame would be the Bailey also. They make amazing bikes and it would certainly stand up to some abuse.

Hey Andy,

Long time no see were have you been ? I'm doing my first Ironman for this year next week on my dirt bike 8 Hr long . I what to have a cx race at my farm I have 280 ac hope to get on the Ga cross program this year . Give me a call to talk about some old war storys . 770-608-9708

chris williams


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