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Who wants Michelin to re-release the green Michelin Mud Cyclocross Tire?

The boys at Michelin seem open to the idea of re-releasing the green Michelin Mud tire and tread. Would you be psyched? Add your name here.

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I'm in...and I have three! Two skinwalls and one blackwall.
I just got my first one and the tread is second-to-none. It is an outstanding tire that deserves another shot.
I rode a pair last season and loved them, but I'm tired of scouring Ebay for overpriced replacements. Michelin...bring them back and people will buy the crap out of them. Also, just make a tubular version already.
Hell yeah! bring them back. Not only are they a great tire, but it give us more choices to pick from. While they're at it, they should bring back the green "sprint" tires also!
I've never ridden them, but I'll add more name just cause.
I'd buy a couple or three. While we're at it, can we get Ritchey to bring back the Omega Bite Kevlar mtb tire? Those were boss!
yes.yes. yes. bring the neon green mud back. please (i'm grovelling here...)
Absolutely. They'll complete my pink frame for a Watermelon-Themed fall 'Cross rig.
Hell ya!
I'd love to see Michelin bring these back.
I'm in - never ridden them but the green looks cool. Reminds me of the old Axial Pro road tires - those were great!
uh, have you seen my profile pic? I'll buy a case if it comes back...because I doubt it'd return for long. is there such a thing as a tire cellar? now if they just came out with a tubular and tubeless


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