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Who wants Michelin to re-release the green Michelin Mud Cyclocross Tire?

The boys at Michelin seem open to the idea of re-releasing the green Michelin Mud tire and tread. Would you be psyched? Add your name here.

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They probably stopped making them because of increased production costs weighed against potential sales, which is the same reason Continental stopped making their Top Touring tire (best commuting/touring tire EVER). My Conti rep (I'm the buyer for a shop) told me that if Conti re-issued that tire today they'd have to charge over $90 retail each. At that price they wouldn't sell many, so it's likely not coming back.
If Michelin re-issues the Magic Green Cross Tire it will be interesting to see how much it costs now -- and how many people would pay the higher price.
I would switch back from Tubulars to ride a set of these again.
Yes! DO IT! And while you're at it, please consider making this tread in other sizes (like, um, 26"?).
Last year I was riding the original green muds @ schooley mill when on the last lap I was pushed into thorns and flatted the front tire. I rode more than 1/2 a lap on that flat michelin mud clincher and kept my place! Will I buy more? Yes! Tubular as well please!
I'd pick up a set or two. The reviews for them were always positive.
I ran the michelin green muds at schooley mill last year in 35/45 elite masters. Dude runs me into stickers on last lap, I get front flat, bogus.

I ride michelin mud for a full 1/3 lap to finish while tire is completely flat (and keep nemesis at bay)!!!

Does it get better than that? No it does not!
I'm in. I want'em.
Well, naturally. What amazes me more is with all the design technology out there, no-one's come up with a better mud-shedder than this 'per grip'. Got some lovely treads of these on FMBs and they ooze sex.
I'm in for a set.....I'll be able to name my Soma, Pumkin after I get the green Mud2's
Why did they ever stop? I want the green road tires too! Bring them all back!
Love the tire. The green color would be a bonus.
I still have a set of the original skinwall muds that I use for 'special' occassions. I wish they would start making them again!


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