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Who wants Michelin to re-release the green Michelin Mud Cyclocross Tire?

The boys at Michelin seem open to the idea of re-releasing the green Michelin Mud tire and tread. Would you be psyched? Add your name here.

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Yes please...
Yes. In brighter green.
I have a pair (all green) I use in mud and snow. I rode them in Bend last year to a win in 70+ Natz with 30 pounds in each. I have since used them with 25 pounds and no problems. I am about 165 pounds myself. I think they are a tad wider than the current black model. I like that. Bring them back just as they were when discontinued.
yep - I am in...
so, is michelin biting?

i have three of the sprints in green but no MUDS....i've used the sprints in places i shouldn't have but they performed really well in sketchy situations...

bring 'em on!
we, in europe, love it, too.

I seem to be in the vast minority here. With so many good cx tire choices I don't see the need to bring back the original greenies. The PDX seems to have this catatgory in the spades, and I just tried out Conti Speed Kings that I really like. Under my 185 lb. butt I can run these about 26 lbs and do pretty well - I've had them down to 21 lbs when there's no rocks or roots. The Maxxis Raze almost has this nailed, but if they'd have better/more side knobs it'd be a great tire. What about the lastest Schwalbe? That's gotten pretty dang good reviews.


Hell, while we're at it, let's reissue the Vredestein Campos, too. I really liked those tires and thing they'd give the Grifos a run for the money in the general all-purpose catagory.

i think, deep down, what i want is just another deep CELESTE green tire...more color options please! whether it's michelin, kenda, etc!
I second that!  Why isn't Bianchi behind this?  I would think they'd either pick up where Michelin left off, or at the very least petition Michelin or some other tire company to put out celeste tires.  I'm sure they have enough buying power to warrant the tire--even if they built up only half of their bikes with celeste tires???  It's a mystery.

For you green michelin mud fans.....keep an eye out on  A pair of very gently used muds fell into the hands of Cyclocross Magazine.  CX mag has partnered with to raffle these tires off.  All proceeds will go to support Bjorn Fox's travel to the CX world championships.


Check back with CX mag on Sunday the 23rd!


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