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Historically, I know how CX was used as a post Road Bike racing season... but does it have to be this way?  Is there any lack of MUD in Spring or Summer?

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I'd love to see Cyclocross become a year-round sport. Ive always thought that it would be awesome to see Cyclocross evolve into varied disciplines like road cycling. Endurance races, stage races, hill climbs, time trials, ect. I mean why not? Who the hell wants to ride just pavement all the time?
For me, I'm totally baked by mid-December. It's all I can do to race through Natz. Besides it's nice to take January off and get reaccquaintent with my wife...and my non-crosser friends (yes, I have a few...and yes, they don't know what they're missing :-).

September-January, maybe February is about all I need to cook me too. I think if all I did was race cross I'd be in the same boat as Mike, but after the first of the year I'm usually itching to get my ski/snowboard on, then the thaw hits and it's time to run, road ride and mountain bike when it's dry enough. Summer time there's more mountain biking and road riding, not to mention hiking and corn season in the high country. Late Summer I'm destroying myself in preparation for the Cross Season and by December I'm starting to buff out the skiis again. I used to race mountain bikes from March to October and it lost it's appeal, without balance I'm afraid cyclocross would be the same way. Cross season comes at the perfect time for me, preps me perfectly for ski season and by the time the leaves start to change I'm chomping at the bit to get muddy.


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