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Anyone have any insight into the key differences between the Williams Cyclocross wheelset and the Revolution Wheelworks Rev-25X wheelset? I know they are only $61 apart in price.

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If you get the Revs and they're not right, your face will melt off like when you look at the ark.

If you get the Williams and they're not right, your face will melt off like when you drink from the wrong grail.

But odds are, they'll be both be right and you're left to pine over which color your bike will be happier with.

Or, if color is a toss up, buy the wheels that are more local to you.  


For $400 shipped I went with the Easton EA70X. Not that there's a huge difference between any of them. At a minimum, I know I can get a replacement freehub for the eastons. The stickers were easy to remove as well - even if there were 20 of them on each wheelset.



Beware of when you true those wheels when they go out of true. I ran them last season, there is a method to the madness. They don't true up like other wheels. It's not becuse of reduced spoke count and exotic lacing patterns. It's becuase they are tune tensioned. Not regular spoke tensions. They run almost double the tension over tradtional wheels. Contact Easton or a SMART EASTON LBS when you need to get they trued up.


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