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I have been racing CX for 5 years now. And no matter what I wear when it gets below 20 degrees, I fingers end up getting painfully cold. I use Pearl Izumi Cyclone gloves. I know these are not the warmest choice below about 30 degrees. But I love the fact that I can still feel the handle bar and shifters. Except for when my fingers go numb. I also have a pair of Pearl Izumi Am-fibs. Yep, they are warm, but bulky as hell! Great for riding my MTB single speed when it is cold, but not much else.


So what are my choices for light weight, full dexterity and feel, warm as hell below 20 degrees winter gloves that are worthy of racing?


What are the pros wearing?

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I Iike Ice bay gIoves, Do not cick the Iink I have no I button I onIy have i the keyboard is messed up. I think they are utra warm the ony probem is they dont breathe too weII so your hands get a Iitte water Iogged on Iong rides.

My Izumis don't really get the job done either when its below 30 degrees (like today's ride).  I bike commute and basically its my main form of transportation so I have learned to improvise without looking too uncool to the money-spending crowd around here.  I slip on some latex gloves on  before my Izumis and off I go.  Perfect for  short to medium length rides, or even a long ride if you bring an extra pair along.  BUt that's only if you sweat a lot.  Doubling up on the latex ( or surgical style it doesn't matter) works great on their own in nicer weather without sacrificing gripability. 

+1 on the latex or nitrile blue gloves under the regular gloves.


I've had good experience with Outdoor Research neoprene/softshell gloves for racing, and they held up for three plus years. I don't know their proper name but they have a random, glow-in-the-dark pattern on the palm, aren't specific cycling gloves, but then again they have held up for 3 years which most cycling gloves can't do! I think they were meant for ice climbing however.

I wore a pair of sixsixone Transitions in Bend last year for Nationals and they worked good. My hands were good and warmish after the races in 23 degrees weather.


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