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womens' cycling apparel and sizing (for the distaff side, please)

Ladies -- how difficult is it for you to find bike-cut apparel that fits well?
Heidi Swift has begun a fascinating discussion over at her blog Grit & Glimmer, and in the interest of expanding it I'd love to continue it here.

I'll start: Because of my build and my size, I find that mens' bike clothing often fits me better than womens'. A great deal of this is because most bike clothing for women is still designed by men (go figure) and tends to favor female cyclists whose build hovers dangerously close to Heroin Chic. Don't believe me? Check out Rapha's new Womens' Line and look at their sizing chart. It's very nice stuff, and I can't wear any of it.

My team jersey for 2010 arrived recently and I am fairly pleased with the fit. However, in order to get that merely decent fit, I had to order the largest size the maker offered. I am a long-limbed, rectangular-bodied 5' 7". If you've seen my profile photo you will note that I am not totally skinny, but neither am I "fat". If the maker hadn't offered a womens' 3X I wouldn't have ordered team kit this year.

The idea that a woman my size requires something called a XXXL in ANYthing is ludicrous.

What about other women here? How has it been finding bike gear that really fits?

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