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This is my first CX season and I noticed my breaking surface is noticeably concaved after 9 races this year. Not to mention I have blown thru a new set of pads since August. Is it normal to wear thru cheep wheels in a season? The wheels were not new, and had maybe 1K of road miles on them. There was no noticeable breaking surface wear prior to the start of the season. The Mid Atlantic has been fairly wet/muddy compared to last year. I wash the bike and clean the wheels and pads after each practice or race. Since they will no doubt be trashed at the end of the season should I look at better quality wheels? Or keep the cost down since CX seems to wear out equipment much faster than the road?  I think they will last the season, since I am only looking at another 3-4 races.




Giant TCX
Advid Shorty 6 (standard pads)
Alex 300 clincher

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In the rear I need at least one rim per year when used for training and 10 races or so. I think an expansive wheel or rim will not last longer. I always glue the oldest tire on the oldest rim and use that for training until I observe some cracks (at least for the rear, in the front I am much more careful but there the rim will last there longer anyway).

what pads are you using?  we have tested a ton of brake pads, and while many people focus just on braking power, we've paid attention to whether the pads eat the metal of your rims.  some of the more popular pads have great braking but wear our rims quickly.  it really does matter.

issue 7 has a big round up of pads, as did issue 14 and issue 15 should have another.

charles - let us know what pads you were using!  they can really make a difference.

I was using the standard pads that came with my Avid Shorty 6 brakes.  I plan on switching to kool stops.  I have been using kool stop pads on my road bike for many years.  I am not sure how they do with dirt and mud, but they work much better in wet conditions.

have you looked into any of the new disc brake cx bikes?

No, I am not ready to lay down the cash for a new CX bike.  I have no doubt disk brakes would solve my issue.

Except he'll have a different set of problems switching to discs.

If you are blowing through the rim surface, then something is going on that's not obvious.  Were the conditions particularly wet/muddy at the events?  Are you cleaning the bike after races?  What is the dimensions on the worn track?

Your Alex Rims are going to be a main blame, it is a bit softer than other rims on the market. As for pads, the SALMON pads by KOOL STOP are going to be your best friend, they wear faster than normal, but at the expense of saving your rims! :) VELOCITY makes great rims if you ant to relace to existing hubs, if not, plunk down a chunk of change ~280$ for a MAVIC AKSIUM wheelset. They are great performance, lighter than your current wheels, can buy a 2 year no fault warranty with them, cross is brutal.


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