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need to buy:  steel cx frameset or complete

56cm tt
54cm st

not interested in aluminum or carbon. 

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I have a 2004 lemond poprad sz 55. I'm wasn't necessarily looking to sell it (it's quite a comfy commuter bike and a better-than-nothing pit bike), but I'm open to offers. I have the original stock aluminum fork or, negotiable for additional $$, a woundup carbon. I can do actual measurements if you tell me where you want stuff measured to/from.
i'd be interested. i had an '05 55cm and i loved it, never should have sold it. how much you lookin for? complete or f/f?
I'm honestly not sure. Like I said, I hadn't planned on selling it, so I'll have to contemplate what it's worth to me. This is an '04, I believe: white w/blue panels. Reynolds 853.

If I sell, it would be f/f; the parts that are on there wouldn't be worth your time, and the wheels it runs are "borrowed" from other bikes.
ok, no problem. what i had must've been on 04 then, as that's what it looked like.
I've got a 55cm '09 Fisher Presidio (aka Lemond Poprad) that I could sell either as a frameset (w/ Chris King headset and Reynolds cross fork) or as a complete bike (lot's of options on components...) Excellent condition, let me know if you're interested and we can work out a package and a price!

sure, sounds good, tell me what yr thinking
Here's the thing, I've got lots of options to consider. You want 10 speed Dura Ace, got that. 10sp Ultegra, got that, too. How about 9sp Dura Ace? Yep. Wanna run compact cranks? How about single ring vs double? Pretty basic Bontrager Race Lite wheels with a bunch of different clincher tires? How about Stans 355 rims laced to Ultegra hubs, with a pair of lightly used Hutchinson Bulldogs and a pair of new, never ridden Hutchinson Piranhas so you can go tubeless instead of tubular? Or, Salsa Delgado rims on Ultegra hubs (heavy, but bullet-proof) Want just a frame/fork/headset, or a complete bike, or anything in between? Tell me how, in a perfect world, you'd like to configure the bike and maybe I've got what you need. email me at and we can work it all out.
crazy. you a shop??
Nope, just a bit of a self-discipline problem when it comes to buying/selling bikes.
heh. yeah, i used to have that problem when i worked in a shop.

If you're still looking, I have a Surly Cross Check w/ 56 tt and 53 st (c-c) or 56 st (c-t).  I.e., it is longish but not tall.  Reynolds 631 steel.  Steel fork. Square taper bb included, along w/ seatpost and headset. It's nice looking, darker blue than the photo; no rust that I can see, no paint cracks (i.e. frame damage), but the usual chipped paint.

Just bought it locally and it is too small for me:

I'd sell it for what I paid ($150) plus shipping from Va.


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