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Hi all,

I know the season isn't over yet for many, but mine is, and I am already planning for next season.  Been mostly running straight clinchers.  I've run tubulars as well, but frankly I don't have the time, money or patience to maintain them and convert fully.  So I am looking to find the middle ground in tubeless!

Have an opportunity to pick up some of the new WTB ChrisCross rims, and was wondering if anyone has a set and could give some impressions.  I'd rather have a bit more to hang my hat on then some good PR and press release information before I dive in.


I'm looking for an easy to set up, reliable, durable tubeless set up that falls within my relatively short budget (I have a wife and kid, full time job, limited funds for "fun" stuff and limited time to maintain my equipment).

Hoping someone out there can weigh in on this particular rim.

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I'm not running them personally, but one of my teammates is.  He had nothing but praise.  They aren't the lightest wheelset around, but he weighs 175 and had no issues with wheels going out of true, of flats for that matter.

He had his built up by Sugar Wheels up in Portland.  They do a nice job.  We raced in NoCal., and he rotated between the 3 tubeless tires Specialized offers: mud, file-tread, and all-rounder.  Changing out the tires was easy (he used a compressor), and overall he had zero issues.  The rims are decently wide, so the tire's footprint on the ground is substantial.

All good.

Thanks Kenneth, I took the leap a few days ago and placed the order with WTB for the rims, rim tape, valves and 1 set of CrossWolf tubeless tires.  Now I just need to double check my rim and hub dimensions and order some spokes and probably another set of tires that are more all-arounder than the CrossWolfs, which sound like they are a bit more suited for the loose stuff.

Any idea what kind of PSI your teammate was running?  I'm particularly curious, as he and I are about the same weight.  

We're in a drought-like pattern here in NoCal -- haven't had rain for months -- so we never raced in slick, or muddy conditions -- so my friend ran higher pressures when racing.  He did run some low pressures (mid-20s) just as an experiment and the wheel/tire combo seemed stable -- I think you'll enjoy them

Cool, thanks.  My goal is to be able to run 25 psi without worry, so your comments are definitely appreciated.

Some similar parameters. I weigh 175 and have run Ravens on Iron Cross rims at 27psi for a few races without issue (in Norcal). There was a long mud pit last race as well as a lot of grass and the Ravens actually were fine. Surprising for not having deep tread. 


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