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I am feed up with trying to snag one or even a pair of these off of e-bay, so does any one have or know where I can get a "green" Michelin Mud Cyclocross tire or pair from?

Please post up or PM me if you got anything new or used.

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I have three of them. What were you looking to spend? Or, would you trade for Challenge Fangos?
I've got a 4th black one, unused, I'd be willing to throw in.
Well, I just got one a few hours ago but would like to pick up 1 more. I do not have any fangos. Can you send me a pic of what you got so I can see what kind of condition there in? The one I got tonight had about 90% of it tread.

Please send me a PM and we can figure out a price from there, and I can give you my e-mail address.

Thanks for the reply!
I love them but my wife wants them even more, because they match her bike really well. Can't deni that, but would be happy to trade up for some. I do have one with plenty of tread, but it's old enough to have lots of strange breaks in the tread and sidewall. It keeps solit and is fine to ride on, but I don't think I'd trust it to race on.
Thanks! I actually have some new ones coming. So I guess my search is over. I was able snag a new pair of green sprints also. So I am all set. But thanks again to everyone thhat helped me in my quest.
who's gonna swoop in and snag these off ebay in the next three hours or so?


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