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Due to a freak accident, I need to hunt down a working OR non-functional left ergo lever pronto. My 4-bike floor-to-ceiling stand keeled over and my left ergo lever on my cyclocross bike was the impact bearer. I plan on doing a number of races over the next 6 weeks, so I need to get a fix together fast.

So, if you have a left (front) Ergo lever working or not, let me know. The resin/composite body is what broke, so if you have a lever where the shifting's shot, but the body's in one piece, I can switch them out--a pretty easy fix actually. But if you have a fully functional one, I 'd be interested in that too. Let me know through this thread or the e-mail address listed below.

Thanks in advance, and all the best. Until the next time, don't forget to:

Ride smart, stay safe, have fun.

Dahron Johnson
Nashville, TN

e: djcontraption@[remove]

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I have a centaur shifter I broke the shifter paddle off of. I shot you an e-mail. This has been a hard year for shifters. In addition to my left, I cracked the body of the right shifter.

Thanks for the reply and the offer. I sent a response and a question back to your personal e-mail.

All the best,
Not to dreadge old threads up, but how did you crack the body? Just curious. Thanks.

No worries--I'm like the elephant's child myself, filled with insatiable curiosity.

In any case, the first time it happened, I nailed a tree full-on on the lever doing a point-to-point MTB race on my 'cross bike. I fixed that one, then the next time it happened,

our pets were doing something around my 4-up floor-to-ceiling bike stand that caused it to keel over, and sure enough, everything came out fine, except for the lever, which must have been the first thing to hit the floor as everything fell over.

And that's how you manage to break an Ergo lever body not once, but twice.

Until the next time, don't forget to:

Ride smart, stay safe, have fun.

lol. Noted, and noted. Makes me glad my dog doesn't know what to make of my bikes . . . and that I haven't had my 'cross bike long enough to try a Mt. Bike race on it. :D


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