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WTB: used or cheap / Rival or Force right shifter + Sram warrenty???

The lever fell out of my shifter yesterday...

Anyone have one to sell, or have experience trying to get a warranty.

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Oh, it wasnt caused by impact.
I'm not sure about their warranty, but aren't they rebuildable? You should be able to get it fixed.
I have a right Rival shifter I'll be looking to sell soon. My left shifter stopped clicking into the large ring so I ordered a new set. Let me know if you'd be interested. It's an 07 or 08 model, with the aluminum shifter. It's only been used for about a year and shifts as new.
shoot me an email james.zapata(at)
Hi Greg, I'm interested in the right/rear Rival shifter if james doesn't want it. Mine just bit the dust. Need a new one asap. Thanks, Rob
Email me offlist at
Rob, I have one that can go in the mail as soon as tonight if Greg's is sold. Email me at jeff.moote AT if needed.
May I ask why you guys aren't having these repaired? SRAM stuff is rebuildable/repairable. I have my own little "hobby" shop (out of a spare room in my house), and I'd like to know. Thanks.
I plan on getting it rebuilt. I am in the middle of a series and need a replacement quick. Plus I would like to have a spare, shifters are the mostly likely to die with no sign.
Ahh, ok. That makes perfect sense. I didn't know if something I didn't about getting them repaired, or if people were so shimanofied that they didn't even think to have them repaired. I also thought it might be a business oportunity. :D Thank you.
My shifter is sold. Thanks James, I'll get in the mail asap.
Hey there,

Do you still have the broken left shifter? I can put that to use as long as the brake lever still functions. Thanks...jason
Got it in today! Just in time for my race tonight!

Thanks Greg and, this was a shot in the dark, and worked out great.

p.s. Item was in great condition and well packaged.


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