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I have this posted on another site as well, but thought I might get more advice here.  Specifically interested in hearing from those on Ibis Hakkalugi's or Ridley X-Fire's. 

It's about time to upgrade the Mrs' CX bike. She's been using a 44cm Bianchi San Jose for a few seasons, to see how she would like the sport.

Well, she loves it! (the sport more than the bike) Over the years we've slowly lightened the San Jose as much as we could, and we have the fit pretty well dialed in, but it's still a bit of a pig to lug over the barriers and up the stairs, so we're looking around.

I just missed out last week on a 2011 41cm Ridley X-Fire in the local classifieds. Why did I miss it? I waffled because the geometry chart online said the standover was 80cm (31.5 in). I've since found out it is really much closer to 72.4cm (28.5 in) - but by that time the frame was gone.

I mean, I know it can be hard to for a manufacturer to get that measurement totally accurate because it depends on tire choice, but 3 inches is a huge difference - especially on a bike designed for someone who's only 5'3" to begin with. (I realize there are folks who will want to chime in and say that the standover clearance and bike weight really aren't that important, but I'm politely asking to set that debate aside for now).

Anyway, my question to those of you that are of shorter stature and race CX bikes - what do you ride? I'm asking for are some real-world recommendations on a very small frame for her - based on actual usage experience, if possible. If you, or your significant other, has something you'd heartily recommend, maybe you could throw out some real world, measured standover heights? The rest of the geometry I can figure out on my own - right now I'm mainly concerned with clearance.

So far it seems that both the 41cm Ridley X-Fire and 47cm Ibis Hakalugi would fit the bill, but I wanted to know what other higher end options I might be missing.

Also, if anyone happens to have one of said framesets up for sale, shoot me a message!

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