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Yes or No, Does the recent change in Worlds schedule have a bearing on the outcome?

If you haven't heard, due to potential flooding Sundays races have been moved to Saturday.  This is a huge talking point, so what do you think will this effect the outcome or business as usual?

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It could impact riders who haven't seen or been able to pre-ride the course. It will be interesting to see how the course changes as more and more riders tear into it and the day progresses.

it looks like it didn't matter at all in the grand scheme of things.

what i found troubling was that none of the americans who had decent starting postions (1st or 2nd row) had good starts.  none of them.

Now that USA riders had an even playing field without the disadvantages of jet lag and limited equipment...we finished about where we always do.

Except for Katie Compton. Great race! Jade Wilcoxson, too! Placed 15th in her first year racing 'cross.

Agreed, is it that USAC just dosen't have the development for young riders like Belgium does or is it that the level of competition is just that much higher in Europe?  Logan Owen's dad had something to say about this in issue 13 of CX Mag that was pretty interesting.  Bummer to loose the chain SOOO close to the podium.  For the elites I was hoping to see Page, Powers or Johnson closer to the front of the race, but wow, Nys taking it was ok in my book.  And Katie what can I say that hasn't been said already...

i think a big part is that cycling just isn't a 'mainstream' sport here in the US...compared to all the little kids that start out playing soccer, country club sports, football, baseball and basketball. 


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