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What did everyone think? Tough course, cold, cold day, slipping and sliding? Very Belgium like.

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I loved the course. Thought it had a good mix of technical stuff along with some nice recovery areas. I would have probably eliminated some of the stuff on the backside and made it a bit shorter, but overall I liked it. I hate to be one of the Cat 4s on the backside hill. That probably became fairly unrideable.

Perfect weather though. Love the COLD!
Very fun. I loved sliding around out there like that. My cardiovascular fitness isn't near my handling skills so it suited me.

Cold has hell, my feet got numb while I was waiting for the start and I didn't get feeling back until the drive home.
Sweet course. I thought they added a bit too many turns in some spots, but thats just me. The stairs were a nice touch that I hope we see again. The backside hill stayed rideable, but the off camber turns on the hill were downright treacherous. Good fun, I could have used some longer power sections and had there been sand this would have been the ultimate course. I look forward to it next year.

By the way, God bless embrocation. I didn't have any pants on for 4 hours and I was fine. HA!!!
Dude, just be careful where you put it when you're not wearing pants! Chamois Butt'r first, then embro ...
Hopefully we'll get to race there again. Check out the Pony Shop blog for e-mail addresses to send thank yous to the Northbrook park folks.
Yeah this is the time to write a quick email letting them know you had a great time at their park. I'd hate for that to be the one and only Northbrook race.
Here are the email addresses: Ed Dalton, Parks and Properties Director Rick Hanetho, Executive Director / CEO
If you raced last Sunday, i probably took your photo, look here:


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