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Fast but bumpy course. What'd you all think?

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it was a great course. just wish i would have dont better. big props though
Really wish it hadn't frozen beforehand -- would have been a bit more fun. Good venue, though, and good prep for National-level courses.
the barriers were taller than me! seriously, i'm showing up at the next race with a tape measure and a sawzall.

i'd far rather have more barriers but at a height that juniors and short people don't need climbing gear for.
This was my favorite course so far!
Nice course, insanely bumpy! Thought I found some pretty good lines during my warmup, but still ended up being tossed around like a rag doll until finally flatting after the wheelpit with 2 to go. But hey that's cross, good times!
Great course, although the barriers seemed a bit closer than the 3m UCI/USAC rule calls for. Heading down towards the lake section after the barriers I actually had my hand bounced right off of the bar. I had a tough time figuring out what kind of pressure to run and think I ended up a bit high. I will have to make sure none of my fillings came loose in my teeth after that course.

I loved the elevation change, especially after Lansing. All this course needed were stairs and sand and it could have been perfect. Can't wait to come back next year.

I also enjoyed the course. Thought the elevation change made a nice flow. If we would of had more normal Nov. weather I believe that the harshness would not have been there. I won't be at Montrose so good luck to all. See you next year at Jackson Park!



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