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Hey All,

As I get the steed ready for my first race of the season in a couple of weeks I was debating what gearing to use. I currently run stock gearing on my Gary Fisher cross bike (11-26 and double chain ring up front). I was thinking of changing to 12-28 and single ring (42) up front. What are your thoughts. I race in New England.

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What is your fitness level?  When running a double are you often in the small c ring, and if so what size is it?  I ask because personally, I tried a 42 but couldn't turn it over in the muck and grass like I thought I could.  When riding i found myself mostly in the small ring (36) with a 12-26 cassette.  I split the difference and opted for a 39 or 38t chain ring and, again personally, it suited me and my fitness.  Try racing on the double for a few races and then re evaluate your gearing options, and remember, if you go to a single ring set up: 1. you will need to shorten your chain, 2. Get an outer (and inner ) ring guide like the one from BBG or Salsa and 3. If you can't run a double guard set up get the Jump Stop by N-Gear for inner guard.  Let us know what you come up with!

I added a photo to give you an idea of what I had to do to accommodate a FD mount.

Hey Jesse,

Fitness is decent and improving. I am in week 4 of the Carmichael TCC program. I have a 36t small ring that I think I will use and replace the 46t with a bash guard and chain keeper. I have a 11-26 on the rear so I am thinking replacing it with 11-32 for more climbing ability.

That sounds good try it out. With a 36 you might spin it out in the flats and down hills though. Or it may be the perfect gearing...keep us posted.


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