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Ok so this week i began seriously riding the trainer again and it started out rough but by tuesday i was having a better time and riding longer. So i thought i'd hold a non scientific poll and see how others feel about riding the turbo trainer.

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can't say that i've ever done it yet, but i talked to my buddy about getting one on a bro deal.  so it's only a matter of time at this point.


I actually gave mine away and have been using track bike / rollers all winter, but definitely like the indoor winter rides.  Darkness isn't an issue. :)

i am thankful to have the trainer when i have to train during the season and have no other choice. BUT it would never be my first choice for riding. My husband jonas bought a pair of rollers with the thought that the excitement of something to do while riding indoors (balancing) would be enough to grab his interest. It has been 4 months and he rode them 2 times. :-)

I use an indoor trainer during the cold snowy winter here in New Hampshire. Tip...purchase a trainer specific rear tire (about $40) so you do not wear out your road tire. Trainers tend to drastically reduce the life span of your tire. I also use the Sufferfest videos collection for training. Great videos...

Or, just use one of your old road tires no longer good enough for outside, but not quite ready for the trash. :)

Bought a Tacx VR trainer this winter. live in Northern Ontario in Canada, and the trainer has become much more tolerable. I specifically like the map-my-ride Google Earth option. You can map a ride anywhere in the world and you follow the terrain on Google Earth. Some areas like NYC and Paris are pretty much all 3D. Makes those 2 hour slogs on a trainer much more bearable ... but so does Netflix. Rode in the Pyrenees yesterday ... some fairly challenging hills.

Great idea with the map-my-ride option. I have been using the Sufferfest videos to train for sprints, climbs etc.

Use my cyclops trainer at least 3 times a week even in the good weather months. Love it! Allows me to work on specific interval training that i can't always replicate outdoors.  Especially here in Oregon where it rains 8 months out of the year.



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