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Like most others, I have gone through some pretty epic changes in my life in the last 2 years and now I am finding myself wondering if I really NEED 3 bikes (1 road, 1 "Cross and 1 MTB)?  What do you think, should I sell my road bike and use my 'cross bike for road duties, or should I sell my MTB and use the 'cross bike for what little mountain biking I can scrape out time for?  Either way I'm seriously considering cutting 1.  Let me know your thoughts.


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Yeah I know the feeling and I'm considering the same now that I've got 2 kids. I think it really comes down to personal choice and what you really like to do. In my experience you can definitely do double duty on a cross bike and ride road as well. You may not be as fast as your carbon buddies but the up side of working harder is you are probably getting fitter and stronger, which pays off in cross season.

i have been doing double duty (road and cyclocross) on my cross bike for a few years.  I switched to a vittoria tire with file tread in the center and knobs on the shoulder.  Rides fine on road.  I commute 25 miles a day (round trip) on the bike.

Hey Jesse,

I have also have road, cross and mountain bikes. I rarely use the mtn bike these days but it has long been paid for and most likely would not be worth much so might as well keep. As far as having a road and cross bike here is my thought. I ride my road bike for the majority of the riding season and put the most amount of miles (3K per year). If I was starting out all over again (no bikes) I think I would invest in a relatively expensive cross bike and purchase a good road wheel set for road training (spring-fall).

Do you look at your golf clubs and your baseball bat and think, "I could use one of those for both"?

'Cross, road, and MTB are three completely different, unrelated sports (in spite of superficial similarities). Of course you need proper equipment for each of them!
Well put. My wife seems to agree that to keep them would be less impactful as selling one and regretting it...shes the best!

i too think i need to let one or two go...currently i have in the garage:

vassago jabberwocky SS - primary mtb

santa cruz stigmata - CX racer

'12 roubaix - roader

surly crosscheck - in the middle of SS conversion

independent fabrication deluxe 26" - frame/fork

the likely candidates would be the surly and IF.  i also have my wife's long haul trucker to sell.

i think i'll start with the wife's bike first and see how far i go :P

Personally i'd get rid of the mtn bike.  The "little" mtn biking that you do can probably be done on the cross bike just fine.  Call it extra bike handling skills training!  If you ride with buddies on the road or on group rides consistently, you are going to struggle to keep up on the cross bike over longer rides of 2-3+ hours.  Keep the road bike.



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