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what kind or rubber are you guys running?

i'm currently running clincher clement PDX 33s.  they are fine for the most part.  they roll well and are awesome in wet grass.   my only gripe on them is the transition from center to side is a little bit loose feeling when you're riding at speed on loose over hardpack. 

the CCCX series i'm participating in is pretty much always dry and loose which is why i'm considereing something else.  the surf city series typically has grass and it's usually wet when i'm racing so the PDXs will be fine for those.

i'm liking the looks of the captain CX 34s.  i've had good luck with those on my SS rigid mtb. 

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Not too familiar with the Captains, but I'd look for wider center knobs that give it a more square profile.  What PSI are you running the PDX's at?  Could you go a little lower, that might help too.

we had a mostly sand course this past weekend and i ran 36/38.  i'm 220 lbs.

Oh man that's pretty low...for a clincher.  Im running PDX's btw.

Check out the new clement mxp. theres a write up on cxmag right now.
Just saw that. They look nice. A modernized chevron design.

I picked up a set of spesh tracer pro 33s. It's gotten decent reviews for being an all arounder. The first thing I noticed is there weight. They come in around 290gr per tire which is nice for a clincher. I'm not a weenie but they spin up fast. I was initially worried after I mounted them up cause they are similar to small block 8s that I've run. The tracer has taller nobs in the center as well as blockier nobs on the shoulders for off camber and cornering traction.

I've done two rides so far running b/w 40-44 psi. There's a noticeable improvement in loose climb traction and general cornering in dry conditions. I think I like them at 40/42 so far.

I've been airing them up to 100psi at night to get thEm to stretch a bit. Heading out for a big training ride tomorrow so I'll have a better impression after the weekend. I still may consider trading them in for some captain CX 34s.


i traded the tracers in for some captain CX 34s.  tracers are great tires, but the courses we are racing now have more than just sand and i noticed that they pack up and hold mud/dirt longer than i'd like.  plus the extra width of the captain is nice.  i'm running about 2psi lower on average b/w the 2 tires.


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