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In regards to recent weather and the forecast calling for more rain...conditions this weekend look like they will be quite different from what we have been used to. So...having said that,


What tread are you preparing to use?

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If you're a clincher user, the Michelin Mud really does work well for me in mud. I'm also pretty happy with the Maxxis Larsen. Not so with the Raze.
There is one school of thought that says skinny tires for mud. That might be OK on the straights, but the fat contact on a muddy corner seems much better to me.
Muds are great.

too bad i don't have the Fango's in yet...grifo for me
Challenge Grifo 32's
I wish I had some monster legs to push me thru the mud. It should be fun!!!!!!!!
it's not about monster legs. like sand, it's about technique. keep spinning and let the front wheel go where it wants.. don't fight the bike. you will wear out, fast!
Letting the bike go do its thing is right up my alley I don't mind the mud at all. So you say just keep spinning, I may finish a little better this weekend. I'm stoked!
controlled chaos. Just go balls out into it and try to steer with the rear end. Fun stuff.
Oh ya I'm a Muddah and wish the race was today!! This weekend will run the deep carbons with Dugast Rhino 32's
The Fango tread sounds like it would be great too. Hopefully get to check some of those out soon.
I agree on the clincher side, Michy Muds hook up awesome.
Did I say I'm glad I didn't wash my bike after the Blvd cup?
Might want to make sure you have some spikes on your shoes. There is a rather steep run-up that might be a little tricky without some spikes.

And don't worry there is a bike wash. Plus a near by lake....
It will be true cyclocross FUN!
32's with a little more side knob up front, Tufo 30's on the rear. I'll have spare wheels of course. Might have to run a practice lap or two and play around with the combination.


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