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The first half of the Kansas City season is over; There's been lots of Zomer 'Cross, a wee bit of cooler weather, great new venues, night racing, an outstanding DeStad Series, a preview of the Nationals...
But now It's time to check the embrocation and the power sprayers. Jeremy's got two more Boss Cross in the works, Andy says Hawk Cross is a 'go', Tiffany is getting dialed in, and there will be some tasty courses for the final 3 races of the Series60: Pierson Park on New Year's Eve. A bigger and badder Epic Holiday Cyclocross (bricks and berms). A little village in Shawnee awaits the Grote Prijs ...

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Epic is on my birthday. Any chance for an old man to get a call up???

See ya at Nats!
Hmmm, birthday bike race huh? Sounds like there should be some type of beverage on hand to celebrate the occasion.

Looking forward to a few races in the mud and the rest of the season.
I like birthday call ups! Teresa raced her first Nationals on her b-day in San Francisco 1999. You're on the short list.
Nice post/reminder Mark...this season AIN'T over by any stretch. Looking at the almanac we are sure going to need the hot embo, the fleece, and the power washers.

great racing/races by all so far--- keep'em rollin

see you cats tonight. (movie)
So.. .what motivates you to race after natz? The second I come across the natz line, I'm ready to hang my CX bike up. What gets you out in January?

Besides just an obsession for cyclocross, Teresa and I keep our season going until Masters Worlds...that was the original reason for developing the Grote keep us (and our entourage) tuned up. BUT now Nationals will likely move to January (to follow the international Schedule)....
We also focus on 'cross as our primary season....we limit our road season, with a later start than a rider who focuses on that discipline, so come Septebmer we're ready to rock until almost February. Yeah, we have to give up Spring road racing and the cow treadmills...but i don't miss it much.
mud and snow, and the supernal connection to worlds!!!

this will be my first time racing past nats (health allowing). I am staying motivated to keep racing knowing that I will start the spring campaign much stronger than I have in the past. I am a roadie at heart, but also know that cross racing into Jan is building more than character.
I started cross to try and shape up for my first year of MTB racing, so the longer I can race something with pedals the better off I'll be. I also think that there is no better motivation to train than Sunday race day.
Winter is just horrible for me. The lack of sunlight and the cold weather cause a less than pleasant disposition. It's much easier to face the dreary days of winter when I can look forward to racing on the weekend. Besides, I have to honestly ask, what else would we do with our time? Ride the trainer all winter? I think I would get cabin feavor and have to start trail running with the nerds or something crazy like that.


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