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Howdy y'all!

So we are back to racing locally this weekend. Or are we?

I have yet to make the pilgrimage to Jingle Cross yet (even tho i know it is a hoot)

So i will be supporting Jeremy and climbing my assssssss off up in Platte City.

What are all you doin? staying here and racing or heading up north?

Good luck to everyone! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Chard and I have the proper feet coverage
See you on Sunday, I am collecting coats for Dave Hedjuk, K Mart is selling coats for $10.00. I have the trainers also with me. I am bringing my snow shovel, jet heater, snow blower, snow shoes, and skis so I can take pictures of you all. Have a great day, looks like fun tomorrow. Hey Jeremy I can bet this course was a b*t)c& to set up. Need anything tomorrow? Give me a call? Let me know, if I have it it will come. I may be late though, Chelsea plays Arsenal. Woo Hooo!
Roger and all,
Set up went very smoothly and the course is dialed. True it has some climbing, but it will test your skills more than any other race this year. Plenty of fun off-camber downhill sections and a truly nasty run-up.
Roger, your help is always appreciated, and I'm sure there's something we've overlooked, that you will have in the big rouge love van.
See you all tomorrow!
you couldn't make that shit up in a story if you tried! OMG! Great job to you and Jeremy and all your helpers. That one is going to go down in the "books" as an epic.
Double ditto on that!

Great course and great weather, even though I know you guys had nothing to do with that part. : )

After experiencing the ill affects of mud, snow and "clipless" sh*%mano peddles today, I'll be looking around for a different type of peddle before the next race.
Let me know if you want some egg beaters or candys. I've probably got an extra set around somewhere. Thanks for coming out and hopefully the weather will be this nice for the rest of the year.
Hey guys, hope you enjoyed yourselves today. Cross season is officially upon us, and I don't see the course getting any cleaner between now and January. Hopefully today's course allowed you to work on some of the skills necessary to race well at Nationals. Thanks for coming out, see you at Nats, Boss Cross #3 on December 28, and the rest of the Series 60 races to wrap up a bitchin season.
Sweet day of racing! It was a bonus race for me. I didn't get the green light until t-day, so I was just happy to be sliding around with ya'll. Still no excuse for not paying attention at the start. Being in the front row and leaving second to last is no way to begin (blaming that on lack of sleep)!

Echoing Albino - I've been thinking about moving from my old Times to Egg Beaters, today sealed the deal. Joe or anyone else - let me know if you have a pair to sell before NATS!

And thanks again for all the great photos Roger!


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