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Everyone place you bets, we could have another mudfest for Boss Cross3! Is everyone as excited as I am?

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Could have a mudfest?

C'mon. English Landing is the sponge for every hill between Parkville and the Iowa border...and even if it was bone dry Jeremy would find something for us to slop around in. He's good about stuff like that. My guess is that this will be another "pit bike is a good idea" day.

s/b epic.
With it warming up later this week it could very well indeed be muddy...but you won't have to do any climbing with 7 pounds of mud on your bike...this course is flat!
Race is at English Landing Park in downtown Parkville. All race times are the same as BC2.
More info will be up tonight on
Mudfest, snow balls, ice paths, and or THE INFAMOUS BOAT RAMP, knowing the Jeremy, anything, just anything is possible. Joe, flat, hmmmm, yes but SAND, and mud seem to go together! If you see Hay bales in Parkville beware of the boat ramp. Ask Mikey, he rode once, it could be NASTY. But who cares, it will be wild and I will be there to take photo's. Woo Hoo!
wait! there is more racing?
Hell yeah JB, here we go again!!! Looks muddy on Sunday~! Woo hoo more pictures of dirt and sand. Hey Joe, you guys need anything that I can bring?
Bring on the elements. I've got the eggs! Roger, with no hill near by, where ever will you roost? : )
BOAT DOCK!!! Or at the Bridge crossover! I will be there with some "supporting comments" and I am going to wear my TIGHTS!!!!
Aghhhhh, not the tights!!! : )
Alright dudes.
Series Points are posted up on the Boss Cross website.
I'm in STL doing the obligatory yearly visit to the in-laws, and I'm tired, so I'll have masters totaled up in the morning.
The course and weather is looking perfect for this weekend!
See you Sunday.
Do you need me to bring anything besides my camera?
I'll check with Mr. Haynes and see.


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