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I Worked on the course for next weekends De Stad Cross Cup / Kansas State Cyclocross Championship. Had to revise about 1/2 of it due to construction on the campus. The end product is actually better than the first course that was designed.

Link to the pictures are posted off my site - De Stad Cross Cup Course Preview

Should have video up later this week and a revised course map.


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Course map is up on
Participant map will be up later this evening. Reminder to enter the University of St. Mary from the back entrance. The front entrances are going to be closed.
thanks guys!
what's up with all the "extra" categories?
Look for this feature on Sunday
oh that is just the 5hit!!!! wow!

beer me!
Just got word from Rich and Tige, who are out busting their butts getting ready for this weekends big event, the "Spiral of Dispair" is complete.

They are working on the "Mound of Mercy" now and should have it complete by the time I get there.

Course will be mowed by tonight.

Course conditions are GREAT!
Hey, nice spiral. Now I guess we have to say the cross Guru was the first in KC to do one of those. Now to elaborate on that for the next race. Make it HUGE, 6 times a round, that'll get those cookies a tossin'.

Great course and perfect weather. (I thought we lived in KC not San Diego???) So I guess this only means that the worst is yet to come. Mud Ice and snow during the last half of the season. Get out your mittens and warm socks if you haven't already.

Great fun course, I feel sorry for those who missed it (Mark, Paul, Ben et all).

It was nice racing the 30+ category today. I wish every race had that option, but at a different time than the 3/4's. I'd like to try racing twice in one day...but would rather the second race not be with the 123's. Overall the 30+ field was very competitive. I have no complaints, Rob, Hershey and one other guy got the jump on me during the last lap while I was trying to climb in way too high a gear. There was no recovery from that mistake, they were gone.

Did anyone see Joe Huston's crash over the barrier? Better yet who has pictures? Post that bad boy up here!!

Great course Chris, keep watching those U-Tub videos!! Maybe we can develop a University Cyclocross series? : )
BAD ASS Course...looking fwd to next year with more to add to.


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