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Just got back from showing a couple of guys here at the Stowers Institute the ins/outs of cyclocross. We picked a perfect day with it raining. They all loved it.

We are going to start practicing for the upcoming season with some lunch time rides/practices at Gillham park. We used the lower section down by 46th. It has some cool features and we got a little course going.

Planned time is between 11:30am to 12:30pm. We can run until 1:00pm if anyone desires.

We can make it either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursdays during lunch.

Anyone interested?


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I Am definitely be interested. let me know when everyone else can make it. I work close to gillam park and this would be a great excuse to leave work for a hour.
I think Thursday would be best for me this week. I am putting it on the calendar.

Meet at Gillham park (by 46th street). Let's meet over by the stairs. I plan to be there by 11:30am.

Well things are not going to good for me. I injured my back a little on Tuesday. Just what I needed 10 days before my Ironman. Anyways, I am taking today off again and doing some more therapy. Hopefully things will be o.k. for next weel.

I vote for Tuesday! Hope your beck gets better!!
keep me posted guys cause I definatly want more practice time.
Thats just down the street from me. If its still on for tomorrow, I'll come down.
Today is not good for me. I can either do Wednesday and/or Thursday.

I will go ahead and add it to my calendar for Wednesday just so the time is covered.

Wednesday sounds good.
I should be over at the park around 11:45 am. Maybe a little earlier if things are slow.

Gillham Park (south end by 46th).
Alright see you there.


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